Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Today My Granddaughter
Hailey Nicole

0n the 9th August 2011 at 5:30 am Hailey Nicole was born, a lovely daughter for Deanna and Tobi and a fantastic Grandaughter for Michelle and myself.

Weighing a healthy 8lb 3oz and arriving quickly after being over a week late, she appeared in such a hurry that her dad Tobi nearly did not make it to the hospital to witness the grand entry into this world.
A typical female then, keeps you waiting for ages then catch you all unprepared , lol.

Glad to say both Deanna and Haily are healthy and were allowed home the same day, although late in the evening. I think both Tobi and Deanna are going to make great parents and i have never seen them both grinning so much. By all accounts Young Hailey is a gem and slept most of the night the first night she was home, lets hope it continues (but we know it's unlikely).

Nanna with Hailey
Michelle seemed a little broody and is looking forward to baby sitting.  She does not like to be called Granny but prefers Nanna (Both sound old to me, lol)

Grandad and proud

I am quite happy with being Grandad and although now feeling old, i am looking forward to when Hailey is toddling about and getting into mischief.

Well done to both Tobi and Deanna on creating such a beautiful baby girl.

Deanna i hope Hailey gives you as much love, fun and fulfillment as you gave your mum and me, we love you XX

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