Thursday, 21 July 2011

HDR Photography

HDR Photography

HDR Stands for High Dynamic Range and is a type of photography i have just gotten into. 
The results of this type of Photgraphy should give you the viewer a more detailed picture with 
a range closer to the human eye than a normal photo can capture.

HDR-Me on Wye Downs

HDR involves using more than on photo of the same subject, normaly 3 to 5 shots at different exposures. these are then combined using HDR software, where you tweek the effects to your liking with the hope of getting a natural but very detailed picture.

Standard- Me on Wye Downs

The two pictures above should hopefully show the differents in detail between a HDR shot and a standard one.

Of course in my eyes the idea is to hopefully keep a realistic look of the scene but many people take the idea to extremes and create very surrealistic pictures which can sometimes look great but often look too over processed and ugly.

Over processed HDR

                                   Please click on picture to enlarge

An over processed pictured which has great 
detail but does not look at all realistic.

HDR photography can be lots of Fun and is done to personal taste . I will continue to try and get my HDR pictures to look detailed without the over processing but every now and then i will let things go crazy and create some surrealistic images just for fun.

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