Monday, 13 June 2011

Family Gathering 2011

Family Gathering 2011
To honour Mum on  her birthday

 On the 11th June 2011 the Powell family got together for a meal and drinks to honour our departed mum, on what would have been her 80th Birthday. Mum passed away on the 6th October 2007, which also happens to be my sister (michelle) wedding day, so as you can imagine that day holds a bitter sweet memory.

The night went well and i had a good start to my drinking time with a couple at home and then my sister and her husband (Derek) giving me another 2 or 3 at their house before we even started.:)
We arrived at the Victoria Hotel at about 7pm and had another drink at the bar , by now i was 2 sheets gone, (not a big drinker). We got to sit down for the meal about 8pm. I'm not sure if it was because the staff were busy, but it seemed a long time to get our starters.

My sister Michelle and Derek

I chose breaded mushrooms for  a starter and by then i was so hungery, they did not touch the sides, I think they tasted alright. It was not until about 9pm that the main course came, Steak for me and this time i was going to enjoy it!, So i took my time and savoured every mouthfull. 

By now i was on my 7th pint, i know most people don't consider this alot! but for me well this was a skin full and i caught myself flicking peas at my brother Mick.

Mick in the foreground

The table was a long one (12 of us seated), so having a conversation with someone at the other end was hard, i had to get up and walk down to my brother John and kept hitting the wall lights with my head ,(Still feeling unsteady on my feet). 
Toby & Me

Me & Deanna

                                                                                                      My wife, myself, Katie, Deanna & Toby had a taxi booked for 10:30 , it was now 10 pm and no one had even ordered any deserts, I knew we would not have time and i was well dissappointed, as i had left room in my belly for some lovely pud.   

Dee & Katie
It was a good night all in all and i wished i could have stayed longer (not just for the Desert), the atmosphere was great the food was good (although delayed) , we all promised to make it a anual occasion , just differant locations each year.

Michelle & Mike
I would like to thank my Sister (michelle) for organising this get together. It was nice all getting together again, looking forward to next year :)

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