Sunday, 1 June 2008

No Pen Y Fan

No Pen Y Fan
Sugarloaf instead

Well my trip up Pen Y Fan failed. Yes due to the SixtySixty coach service (x43) which should have stopped at the bus stop near my campsite at 11:40 failing to arrive. I was on a tight time schedule, having just 5 hours walking time to complete the walk. This relied on all the public transport being on time, everything was going great, i have got up at 3 am walked to my local station with heavy backpack to catch the 5.03 train to victoria, i then got the tube to paddington and then a 3 hr journey to Newport where i changed again to catch the next train to Abergavenny arriving at 10:25am. This is when it all went pearshaped, Iwas expecting taxis at the Rank outside the station, Oh no, i had to walk a mile and a half to the other end of town to get a taxi. I got to the campsite at just after 11 am and rushed to put my tent up and get to the bus stop, i managed to get to the stop at 11:20, the bus was due at 11:40 but did not show, i waited until 12:10 then decided my attemp at Pen Y Fan was over, Any later bus would not have given me time to do the walk and get back to the returning bus stop in time (Last bus back 17:23).

Dissapointed, well yes you could say that. I had maps for west brecon Becons which covered Pen y Fan but no map for the east side, other than Memory Map on my PDA. Well i had to make a decision, do i call it a day and go sulk in my tent or try Sugarloaf, Yes you guessed it Sugarloaf here i come.

Sugarloaf is 1955 ft (596m) high and is just north of Abergavenny.

The Route was long

The Views were fantastic

An opportunity to rest and take in the views

Happy to have reached the summit a big thumbs up

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