Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Fishing Trip

Derek's Stag Fishing Trip

On the 7th September 2007, went on Derek's fishing trip for part of his stag do (getting Married to my sister Michelle). I was really looking forward to this trip having not done any sea fishing for over 20 year, this was gonna be fun!.

Wrong. Both Mick my brother and myself discovered we did not have any sea legs and both suffered from sea sickness, Mick worse than me (he was vomiting a lot). It was a shame as it was great weather and we felt we let Derek down a bit as we both had to lay down for quite a lot.

Mick Wishing he was on Dry land

The rest of the group
had a great time though and everyone except me caught some fish (even Mick who fished for about 30 minutes). I think Dan caught the most, about 10 or 11 in total.The main catch were or Dog Fish and pouting.

Matt and Dan watching their rods and Mick laying Down.

Derek With a Dogfish

Paul And Derek discuss the days fishing as we pull into Ramsgate harbour.

Would i go again (i would have to say no) not on a boat. I enjoyed the fishing and the company but the nausea was too much and spoilt it for me. If i had more money, i would have paid the skipper to take me back to dry land and take the others back out, but i was skint .

Derek and Matt

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